About The Books


In the book, Expectations: They Can Make You or Break You, Eric Jackson presents some thought-provoking information about expectations. Because our expectations are so routinary, like breathing, thinking, or walking, he gives many examples to show the importance of expectations.

This is an excellent book for families. It discusses different levels of expectations and different levels of faith, including discussions of our expectations of God and prayer. It discusses expectations of family members including expectations for teenagers who want to “leave” home. Also included are discussions on how decisions and prosperity affect expectations.

Rev. Theodore Brown, DD, says “The book is profound and consistent with different life experiences. The author’s point of view adheres to Christian values in understanding scripture and applying it to everyday life. He gives his audiences insight with the support of his Christian beliefs.”



In A New Life: The Only Way to Win, Eric Jackson compares the remarkable similarities between the physical and spiritual births. Using scriptural references and easy-to-understand explanations, he demystifies the new birth experiences and presents a blueprint for building a strong Christian foundation.

In addition to comparisons of spiritual and physical births, A New Life: The Only Way to Win reveals

  • crucial steps to becoming a Christian,
  • keys to developing Christian characteristics,
  • factors in choosing who to follow, and
  • ways to walk in the light of the Christian faith.

Bishop Carl E. Jenkins, Sr. said, “A New Life: The Only Way to Win offers readers exactly that,
a new life, and is a welcomed and much-needed book for the church, especially for individuals seeking the reality of salvation.”